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Rr. "Pavaresia", Plazh, Durres.
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L’Amuse është një destinacion i ri për të provuar një kuzhinë të huaj.
Conceived in a different format, our facilities are open to all who dare to explore new flavors prepared by our foreign chefs!


L'Amuse Durrës, like a quick trip between luxury, quality and quality service!

In the heart of Durrës, the doors of a space dedicated to quality entertainment have been open since May 2022.

Conceived as an escape away from noise and close to quality, L'Amuse is the first and permanent choice of customers who come and never leave.

A combination of Italian and Japanese flavors, L'Amuse's cuisine is composed of chefs from Italy, Brazil and Albania.

On the menu you will find the best quality sushi varieties in the city, prepared from fresh fish and organic products. While traditional and modern Italian dishes are served only from Italian products.

A strong and irresistible point are the Italian cocktails from the Italian barman, the most famous in the city, who navigates through new flavors between quality alcohol and new options.
Challenging the ordinary, the restaurant welcomes with dedication to explore new and authentic tastes. Definitely a first and permanent choice in any quick getaway to fill up with positive energy.

Rollin' into sushi heaven!


Sushi is a staple rice dish of Japanese cuisine, consisting of cooked rice flavoured with vinegar and a variety of vegetable, egg, or raw seafood garnishes and served cold.

Discover happiness with our delicious Futomaki rolls.


Futomaki is the most classic sushi roll in Japan. Therefore, when you say Maki Sushi  or sushi roll, it implies Futomaki. The typical filling consists of a variety of vegetables, and sometimes with the addition of cooked fish like unagi (freshwater eel) or anago (saltwater eel).

Our temaki is the perfect blend of taste, texture, and satisfaction!


Temaki is one of the easiest types of sushi to make since it doesn't even require bamboo mats. All you need is half or a quarter sheet of nori with a layer of rice spread on top. On go the toppings — seafood, veggies, whatever you like — after which the nori is carefully rolled from the bottom corner to the top corner into a cone.


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